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What's important

If you want guidance for yourself or for/on behalf of your loved ones who are researching the journey, or living the journey but in need of external support, I am here. Please feel free to anonymously download the brochure or use one of the two links below.

What's important for you to understand is that the focus of this website is on the socio-economic realities of the 21st-century. That means a different approach to education and different underlying educational values. I favour location independence; developing scalability (if that also suits you) and developing mobility and resilience.

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There are 2 ways for you  to get started today - right now

1. Go to "Get Started" and fill-out the no-fee, preliminary, Needs Analysis intake form.

Doing so will save you time and money as you won't have to explain the basics in a paid face-to-face session later.

2. If you don't like forms, you can go to Scheduling: No-fee Needs Analysis and I can ask you the Needs Analysis questions directly. The benefit here is two-fold: Firstly, you meet me immediately; and, secondly, you can make adjustments to the questionnaire automatically, as happens naturally in real-time conversation.

Take your pick 🙂

I'm prepared to assist you in any way I can.

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Hi, I'm Emme Singer and I've helped dozens of clients improve their experience of - and at - work! I've directed over 10,000+ hours across 10+ industries in 15 international or global companies. And, I've been providing these personalized Career Services to Executive-level English Language Learners since 2003!


It was a time of crisis in Spain and this made it all the more difficult to find work, much less at my age, 45.  Emme changed my entire approach to the job search. ... I am truly grateful for her professional assistance. Because of her, I not only found work, but I found work ideal for me.  In fact, I now work fewer hours for higher pay and manage my own timetable as well.  With great pleasure, I recommend Emme Singer as a professional who shows great sensitivity and mastery in Career Services. 

Joan Parés Giménez Head of Pádel at CTC Wellness Castelldefels, Spain