How to Build Your Personal Brand


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Learning with Followups

4 Key Steps to Build Your Unique Brand

Business Planning Series

Get organised and make an authentic connection.

Take charge of what aspects of your personality you show the world so you can best harness it and make it work for you. 

Make a Style Sheet & of clear guidelines regarding color and logo use.

Share your Branding Pack with employees and freelancers to easily communicate and assure tonal and visual consistency.

Do you know your tribe? Identify who you serve.

Clarify intended audience profile and demographics; their needs, problems, and questions so you can write messages that resonate.

Create content that expresses your personal brand.

Plan your content. Learn to build trust and demonstrate authority. Gain exposure, generate leads, and build traction.  

Get feedback while you craft your brand identity. 

Are your tagline and statement Unique, Bold, Memorable, Authentic, and so Simple that a child could understand them? 

Learn how to leverage yourself to expand your capacity to deliver.

Through which media will you communicate and how often? What is your capacity to publish? How can you leverage yourself?


Coached Sessions for Blended Learning

Become a better learner. Challenge and evolve your existing knowledge, skills, values and preferences in a safe, non-judgmental space. Get feedback. Be questioned. Discover and reach the next level that is right for you because it is designed by you.


Remain accountable! Get followups!

Stay on course with pre-programmed follow-up care, the same way you might with physical care. True change requires continuous attention and improvement to not lapse backward. We will continue to give support and accountability AFTER your initial coursework or sessions to assure your positive evolution. You choose for how long. Available in increments of 3 months for as long as you want. 


Personalised to you and your S.M.A.R.T goals

We will clarify and relate your objectives to your aspirations, personal and professional; review the relevant steps to clarify and specify, then add 3rd-party accountability and regular follow-up.

Please note that we specialise in Startups & Pitch Decks because we love the entrepreneurial world. You won't find better support outside your own direct investors.


Individual or Group Seats Available

Individual enrollment means a strict focus on your personal evolution and growth. Group enrollment will directly support synergy, community building and fellowship.

Fernando Foncea, Risk Advisory Partner. Deloitte,  Spain

Emme has a high level of empathy and professionalism which greatly facilitate communication and discussion, making sessions enjoyable and interesting. I would also highlight her integrity and enthusiasm and her commitment to developing skills.

Alvaro Quintana, Audit Partner. Deloitte, Spain

Emme is a very flexible teacher, fully adapting her methodology and timetable to meet my needs and goals. She is kind and sincere and manages to make classes enjoyable while selecting topics relevant to my professional activities. I recommend her completely.

Sando de Castro,  CEO & Founder of Gelatology, London,  UK

I've known Emme for three years. Acting as my Career Coach, I can only describe her input as invaluable.      Her rigour, insight and diligence helped me navigate a number of challenges and key moments of my professional career to achieve great results.

What Emme's clients say 

I'm prepared to assist you in any way I can.

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Hi, I'm Emme Singer and I've helped dozens of clients improve their experience of - and at - work! I've directed over 10,000+ hours across 10+ industries in 15 international or global companies. And, I've been providing these personalized Career Services to Executive-level English Language Learners since 2003!

For last year's words belong to last year's language
And next year's words await another voice.

T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets


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