Our Global Story

Our Founders & Supporters

Senior Staff

Emme Singer, CMCS

Trained in Psychology and the Dialogic Method, Emme draws on these and more to foster a collaborative coaching environment with Executive Learners. She curates content to focus on what is most relevant to her client's personal and professional growth. Her clients have included top-level executives of global firms: Deloitte, La Caixa, Hay Group, Lipotec, and many more.

Co-founder & Educator; Global Careers

Certified Master of Career Services

Supporting Staff

Grace Salsbury, BBA

Specialist in Country Permissions and Regulatory Filings for individuals, the self-employed, and small business operations; including social security filings, health card, and residency applications for expatriates, and non-legal aspects citizenship permit applications. 

Helping others focus their energy on life & work instead of on commutes and other geographically-induced headaches. 

Administrative Manager

Bachelor in Business Administration & Management.


Our History & future goals 

Our Commitment

We are committed to improving your agility, mobility and accessibility to meaningful work regardless of geography, while maintaining community and connection at the heart. Self-marketing services; post-industrial, digital-age on-point English language training so you can work where and when you want or need.

Early Growth & Funding Goals

As Global continues to grow we will implement new tools and ideas relevant to our industry. Our direction is that of a social enterprise and we plan our strategy accordingly.

Almost 15 years together...

Global's business concept began in 2003 with our founder, Emme Singer, when she first expatriated from the USA to Barcelona, Spain and began offering TEFL services there. Since then, we've developed into a digital-only, career services niche-site for globalising professionals. In an effort to expand and grow with our clients, we rebranded from Executive Edge in 2017 to Global [careers]. 

Looking Above & Beyond!

Soft skills are more important than ever; and here at Global we focus on strengthening your best self. As we move forward, we expect to increase our social impact, and also build a platform that provides employment for others.


We are passionate about self-sovereignty; which includes retaining or acquiring the freedom to live, work, and move when and as one pleases. We also see what's happening in the work world now, the increasing gap in skills and competencies as our technologies create work beyond the reach of the average workforce participant. And for this reason, we focus on the soft skills required by digital transformation and the growing quaternary sector.


To connect meaningfully with others; to 'midwife' their vision and talents and skills toward their own self-sovereignty. The more we increase another's freedom the more we increase our own.