Business English Training

Blended Learning
for the Globalized Digital

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Your service lines

Focus on the Totality of communication. The language of FEELING, MEANING & POWER

Your leadership

Building capacity for new behaviour: listening, respecting, suspending, voicing. How people manage power through language and speech.

Your competencies

Refine your English language communication skills so your intent & expertise shine as congruently & powerfully in English as they do in your native tongue.

Your access

A highly respectful personalised and intelligent service.

Niche-oriented & Dialogic

What matters? Communication training for high level executives

 Conscious, deliberate practice and continuous improvement.

Fully Personalized

Caring About Your Brand

Just-in-Time Training for Your S.M.A.R.T. Objectives

Executive S.M.A.R.T. Goals by Your Design

Niche-oriented & Dialogic

to Support Your Interests

English by industry/sector

Globalisation 4.0

Your Executive S.M.A.R.T. Projects

Banking & Insurance (Coming Soon)

Business Planning & Incubation

Manufacturing (Coming Soon)

Audit (Coming Soon)

Boost your mobility and flexibility. 

Enhance your presence, comfort, and confidence. 

Speak effectively with your subsidiaries and suppliers throughout the whole of EMEA, Asia, and/or the United States.

Be global. 

Gain or maintain your access to new markets.

Be lean. Be efficient. Be effective. Be more competitive than ever before!

You are an important player in our economy and need a language strategy that gives you a Global Edge.

Get the English language and cultural skills you need to function successfully.

You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.

– Czech proverb


In my years as a Partner in Deloitte, Emme contributed helped me successfully achieve three very important professional milestones: my role as the partner responsible for the audit of one of the Firm's principal clients; my preparation for secondment and expatriation to London, UK.; and, finally, my change of professional direction. I fully recommend Emme Singer. She is a person that I value a lot and with whom I trust my personal and professional growth; the proof of which is that I am currently working with her again. Having transitioned out of Deloitte, Emme is now helping me in my new professional project, specifically in: the definition of objectives, the design of the road map to achieve those objectives, and in the construction and development of my personal brand.

Franciso García-Valdecasas. Senior Advisor. Former Audit Partner in Deloitte, Barcelona.